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Marazzi, Alba collection

| Designbest editorial staff


n the one hand, there is Alba (dawn); and on the other, there is Puro (pure): two evocative names that together create the perfect combination. Alba is the new porcelain stoneware surface made with the Puro Marazzi Antibacterial technology. It is a concentration of innovation, beauty and, it must be said, “purity”.

40% made from safe and eco-sustainable recycled material, this new release from Marazzi ensures long life, optimal cleanliness (both indoors and outdoors), and here is the kicker, forever. The credit goes to its totally exclusive Puro silver-ion treatment which gets integrated into the ceramic during the production process. This system eliminates up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria and microorganisms, counteracting their spread and avoiding unpleasant stains and odors, even with the passing of time. The result is flooring and surfaces that remain protected in every lighting condition (even in permanent darkness) and offer the ideal solution for more delicate spaces that require constant cleaning, like the bathroom and kitchen. It is also helpful for those who have animals and children or simply love a clean and safe home. The Puro technology stays active for the porcelain stoneware’s entire lifecycle, making normal cleaning and maintenance even simpler.

Marazzi has surprised us once again with its simple yet pioneering style that is always one step ahead. The inspiration this time came from marble stone, available in the non-slip and soft-to-the-touch Stepwise surface in three colors (Blanco, Arena and Greige). Versatile and complete, Alba allows one to create countless combinations, matching flooring and coverings to the wood-look planks in gold and the decors that embellish the collection (a 3D Walltone structure, Talbot and Mosaico 30x30 cm decor). Customizable scenes, enveloping atmospheres, haute couture style and technological innovation: the brand’s linguistic style as always aims for excellence in order to create a pure state of wellness.

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