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“But ceramic… is a safe choice”  (courtesy: Edi.Cer. Spa - Ceramica.info) 

| Designbest editorial staff


he world of ceramic has always been a true Italian specialty, because it is where it finds its roots. Italian ceramic culture has an age-old history, which is still experienced today in many regions as a true vocation. 

Craftsmanship, innovation, tradition and experimentation make up the perfect recipe for Made-in-Italy products. In the world of ceramic this comes with a constant push towards the future and great respect for the values which have been established over time. It’s not by chance that one of the sector’s most important and popular events, Cersaie, takes place each year in Bologna. It not only introduces the most important new releases, but also offers in-depth information from leading companies who are always willing to put themselves out there.



Ceramic is part of Italian DNA. That’s why Edi.Cer. Spa, through the Ceramica.info portal, wanted to transform this year’s canceled event into a special occasion for getting to know and understanding this material and its technological evolutions. From this the international campaign “But ceramic… is a safe choice” was born, the third step in an important initiative aimed at highlighting the particularities of ceramic.



These days we all live our domestic spaces with increased intensity, and there is greater attention and desire to make them more hospitable. But how can we choose the flooring and tiling best fit for each space? And why should we choose ceramic? This new campaign opens the doors of this continuously evolving world to us with a series of short videos (around thirty seconds each) that offer the right tips needed to guide us in our choices.



It just takes a few minutes to understand that ceramic offers us a series of advantages compared to other materials. It is fireproof, nondeformable, hygienic, recyclable, does not emit toxic fumes, and resistant to scratches, molds, fungus and bacteria…and not only. It is fit for both floors and tiles, perfect indoors or outdoors, can be easily laid, guarantees the highest stability, is long-lasting and extremely versatile because it comes in various sizes. This is all without considering that today the sector’s brands offer many different styles that are capable of recreating the perfect atmosphere in any space.

Both simple and timely, the new communication campaign from Edi.Cer. Spa -  Ceramica.info, launched in Italy before the summer and now directed towards the Spanish, German, English and French markets, is key to understanding every aspect of this extraordinary material and how to best use it.


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