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Water-based coatings for high-quality furniture.

| Designbest editorial staff


A splash of yellow to cheer us up even when it rains, a touch of powder pink for a dash of nostalgia and white ivory to brighten up our space: the splendor of wall colors and furniture is decisive in creating the atmosphere we are looking for in our homes. We want an atmosphere with tonalities and magical shades which are nontoxic and ecological, especially in the bedroom of our little ones.

It is well known that traditional coatings are polluting compounds—the traces of heavy metals present (lead, chrome, mercury, cadmium and arsenic) are quite alarming; however, it might be less well known that their toxic components also effect air quality in the home.
We are speaking about the invisible emissions of VOC, volatile organic compounds, released by materials used in the various procedures in making furniture, from glues and coatings, to specific antimould or anti-woodworm treatments. The most infamous is definitely formaldehyde, a natural chemical substance which is toxic and dangerous for our health in high concentrations, causing (especially for those who suffer from asthma or allergies) face and respiratory tract irritation. In traditional coatings it is used to protect products from bacteria and mold, even though it is highly volatile and persistent in its diffusion. 


Moretti Compact

Composition by Moretti Compact con verniciatura all'acqua certificata EN 71.3.


Its alternatives are of equal aesthetic merit and have proven their quality over the years: water-based coatings and water-based acrylics. Water-based coatings contain minimal traces of heavy metals and reduce up to 95% of the emissions of harmful substances in the environment compared to traditional solvent-based coatings. Odorless and free of volatile substances, they have a lower environmental impact and are safe for workers.

For high-quality furniture companies who care about our health and the environment, ecological coatings are a must. Moretti Compact, specialized in the production of bedroom furniture, utilizes Renner Italia coatings which conform to the standards that regulate the use of coatings on toys and all materials which come into contact with a child’s mouth. An additional protective layer on flat surfaces guarantees resistance against abrasions and additives thanks to the use of new ionic silver technologies. They clean and preserve surfaces from the proliferation of bacteria. It is a commitment to quality and safety guaranteed by certification brands which one can find labelled on furniture.
Remember: once we get past the charm of the most fascinating and seductive furniture colors, we must look for the labels that certify the eco-compatibility of the materials that make them up!

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