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Martinelli Luce, lamp Elica - design Brian Sironi (10th anniversary edition in glossy black)

| Designbest editorial staff


lica, the table lamp designed in 2009 by the Italian designer Brian Siron for Martinelli Luce, is 10 years old. And it’s presented in a new celebratory finish in glossy black. A simple design and a brilliant innovation, Elica is a lamp with direct light that has no switch, in fact you rotate it’s arm to turn the light on.

Moving the lamp (inspired by a propeller) generates light as well as adjusting the light beam of the LED (9 or 14 watts depending on the size) precisely where it is needed. Ten years later, this apparently simple solution reveals hidden cutting-edge technology.

Proportioned according to the principles of the golden section, Elica has no visible technical detail in fact: the metal body and the aluminium arm create an essential, pure, elementary silhouette. The lamp lights up by rotating its arm, while there’s a soft sound when you switch it off.

Elica is a real icon, capable of interpreting technical innovation with extreme stylistic purity: it’s not a coincidence that in 2011 Elica won the Compasso d'Oro ADI. And much more. Elica’s instant recognition in fact, has earned the lamp many other awards: “Design dello Stupore” Young&Design in 2009, iF GOLD Award and the Good Design Award in 2010 and in 2011 the Red Dot Design Award and the German Designpreis Nominee.

Happy birthday to Elica and we thank you for your ode to simplicity that describes Italian design with a unique and incomparable stylistic and functional language.


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