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Tubes, radiator Milano

| Designbest editorial staff


appy birthday to Milano, the iconic radiator by Tubes.  Designed in 2006 by Antonia Astori and Nicola De Ponti, Milano is still a young and fresh piece; this is due to its versatility and sculptural silhouette. Milano is available in various styles: wall-mounted, free-standing, ceiling-mounted and as an electric or hydraulic radiator.

Working in parnership with his experienced mother, designer Nicola De Ponti had a revolutionary idea for his first design project: to push the boundaries of conventional aesthetics. This is exactly the type of project Tubes likes to push forward, and that’s why Milano was brought into production.   

Nicola's idea was a simple yet futuristic one: a sculptural object that combines aesthetics with function, however you install it. And after years of tests, the result is a versatile radiator constructed from overlapping spheres in painted steel.   

What’s more, its clean and sensual aesthetics evoke a refined sculpture with a post-modern touch that adds drama to any space. 

Milano can be summed up in three words: versatile, futuristic and revolutionary. Why? Because, it suits any space and has a fresh vibe, perfectly in tune with the times we live in.


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