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Flexform, modular sofa Groundpiece

| Designbest editorial staff


appy to birthday to Groundpiece by Flexform! The journey of this sofa began in 2001, when architect Antonio Citterio designed a ground breaking sofa for Italian brand Flexform. Antonio‘s designs revolutionised the, by now, dated concept of a formal living room with a three-piece suite. In fact, Groundpiece in an extremely versatile modular sofa with informal and relaxed aesthetics. A truly timeless piece, Groundpiece has been the flavour of the month for the past 15 years.


What is it? Groundpiece by Flexform is an extremely versatile modular sofa.

What is special about it? Groundpiece is a modular sofa, which suits a variety of different needs and space requirements. Groundpiece includes a number of different units, anything from a footstool to open shelving, especially designed so you can sit comfortably while you are working at your pc, reading a book, watching TV, chatting to your friends or winding down.

How is it made? Deep low seat, ultra-soft cushions in feather down and low-level metal storage upholstered in leather, which is an integral part of back and armrests and can also double-up as a coffee table. Units from the Groundpiece range can be freely assembled, they include footstool, chaise-longue, shelves and there’s also a further version with bed and padded headboard.

Who is it by? Born in the fifties, Italian architect and designer Antonio Citterio sums up his perspective on design in a few key concepts: research, clarity, excellent project management skills and a sound knowledge of aesthetics. The outcome is a “normal” design (like he has often described it); this comes from streamlining and getting rid of any excess, but still staying true to the original nature of each product, in this way it’s still recogniseable.

We have chosen it because? We have fallen in love with Groundpiece by Flexform for its aesthetics: deep, low-level, informal and with ultra-soft cushions in goose-down. This sofa represents total comfort.


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