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Cappellini, armchair Juli Jubilee - Flower

| Designbest editorial staff

Happy birthday to Juli, the iconic armchair designed in 1996 by Werner Aisslinger and inspired by the corolla of a flower. Juli is an elegant and slightly poetic piece with a rounded silhouette. On the occasion of its birthday, it comes out in a new version and with a new name: Juli Jubilee. Juli Jubilee by Cappellini is a limited edition, the second re-edition of a timeless piece (there was a first one in 2009).

Juli Jubilee is available in three different styles, each cover has a needle-punched pattern; this is a high-precision technique especially suited to leather, a skilled worker operates four different machines which make over 100.000 punches. The three styles are: Flower with a natural springtime theme, Dots Small with tiny polka dots and Dots Big in velvet with large polka dots.   

Juli Jubilee comes in three sophisticated styles, available in a limited edition with 33 different pieces for each style. What a grand birthday celebration!



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