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Cappellini, Felt 25° Anniversary - design Marc Newson

| Designbest editorial staff


appy Birthday to Felt Chair, the iconic armchair designed by Marc Newson for Cappellini in 1993. To mark its 25th birthday, Felt Chair, one of the brand’s most iconic pieces, is now available in a numbered, limited-edition series, designed by the Australian designer himself and upholstered in vintage leather.

The original fibreglass structure is upholstered in baby blue, violet and celadon; these colours highlight, in an even more sensual way, its curved silhouette as well as its unique, unconventional style.

Felt Chair is the result of turning a single fibreglass sheet (with an aluminium core) into a comfortable armchair. Moreover, Felt Chair owes its popularity to the unique silhouette of its single-block shell, in fact the juxtaposition of voids and light set a new benchmark for the world of design.  

Free and innovative, ergonomic and dynamic, Felt Chair continues to be the perfect armchair for the next generation of nonconformists as well as for those who are looking for a characterful piece: it stresses the material’s expressive qualities and its unconventional style is still current. Without a doubt, even if twenty-five years on the front line, Felt Chair has never lost its charm and is still one step head of the crowd.


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