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Martinelli Luce, lamp Luce Marx - design Richard Neutra (1928)

| Designbest editorial staff


est wishes to the iconic lamp Marx by Martinelli Luce, 90 this year. Its beginnings date back to 1928, although you need to fast-forward to 1991 to better understand its origin. 

In that same year in fact, Elio Martinelli, owner of Martinelli Luce, meets the architect Dion Neutra and the two hit off right away. Dion, incidentally, is Richard Neutra’s son, one of the iconic architects of the twentieth century and throughout the years, he has often recounted his father’s inkling for simple design (that focused on pure beauty).

This ignited a spark and convinced Elio Martinelli to manufacture one of Richard Neutra’s projects, Marx to be precise. Starting with a scaled-down version of an old blueprint, the only available sketch around, as well as a faded photograph of the only prototype ever to be made in 1928, Elio Martinelli sensed the extraordinary beauty of this wall lamp.

A curved blade, a horizontal grid, a wooden frame: the lamp’s key features, micro-designs that are part of Richard Neutra’s architectural language.  

Making this lamp is no easy feat. Marx a complex project that focuses on a simple aesthetic, yet on emotions too. With this wall lamp, Martinelli expresses the same formal essence and geometric precision that were representative of Neutra’s aesthetic style. 

This is how Marx was born: you instantly understand that this light sculpture that projects luminous patterns on the wall, in successful in making our emotions come to light (as Neutra suggested in his works). And it fills the room with style and magic, then and now.


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