Ale Big, the lamp with a fly on top

The first thing you notice are its bright colors and trendy color combination. The second thing you notice is an annoying fly which seems to have landed on top the lampshade. But what if we told you that the fly is what makes this lamp unique?


Saba presents the exclusive OltreNFT capsule collection in collaboration with the stylist Antonio Marras and the digital artist Hugo Fournier. It is a collection which mixes the virtual and digital worlds and combines sofas and NFT projects.

With the coming of the Salone del Mobile we can start to take new furniture, new designer collections and new trends for granted. So, Saba is here to surprise us with a new exclusive capsule collection which opens the doors onto a totally new world: the Metaverse.


Miya by Cappellini, the new ‘samurai’ coffee table

The name pays homage to a famous and ancient samurai and their armor design; Elena Salmistrro then translates it with poetical transparencies, interlocking and the overlapping of blown glass and crystal.


Ghisa by Antrax, an evolution of the traditional radiator

The name is an homage to the traditional radiator; however, its material is aluminum, lighter, recyclable and high-performing. In a sneak peek for the Salone del Mobile 2022, this radiator takes a cue from the past and reinterprets a retro look with refinement and high performance.


Lume Crogiolo, Marazzi’s vibrant elegance

For even more contemporary appeal, Marazzi is introducing a new format in the Lume collection with 6x24 cm tiles in four brand-new bright colors: Off White, Beige, Pink, Turquoise, Forest China get added to the already-existing White, Black, Green, Blue, Musk and Greige.


G.O. by Oluce, an echo of timeless modernity

The Salone del Mobile 2022 is coming up and the sector’s companies have already begun to introduce next season’s new releases. Oluce, the most historic Italian lighting design company still in business, is no exception and wanted to pay homage to the designer Giuseppe Ostuni with a new release/reissue from the 1960s.


Happy Birthday, Le Bambole!

Iconic, timeless, enchanting and constantly more sustainable, the Le Bambole designed by Mario Bellini for B&B Italia are celebrating their 50th birthday in a revamped outfit. With the same design but with new features, this time it is even more comfortable and eco-friendly.


Victoria by Flou, the side table at your service

An oval top and an offset leg might seem like two simple details; however, in reality, they are emblems of functionality. This minimalist table is the ideal companion for the sofa or bed as it is a practical and adjustable countertop for working or eating comfortably.


Pagine Scritte by antoniolupi, elegance between the stripes

Giocare con la geometria per disegnare arredi dall’eleganza rigorosa, che possano vivere in ogni stanza. Lo sguardo di antoniolupi, azienda italiana specializzata in arredi bagno di design, è rivolto sempre di più allo spazio domestico inteso come luogo fluido, dove gli arredi si mescolano e si spostano con disinvoltura dal bagno al salotto.


Windy by Zalf, the light and chic walk-in closet

Modular, flexible and distinctly refined, the Windy walk-in closet by Zalf goes for formal rigor and stylistic levity to create a space with volumes which almost float in mid-air and take up every centimeter with elegant functionality.