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Sideboard Florens, design Gabriele and Oscar Buratti 2020, Lema.


| Designbest editorial staff


 champion of an elegant and discrete lifestyle and unpretentious design, Lema expands its 2020 proposals for the home with projects coming from unprecedented collaborations. In this case, we are dealing with an evergreen—a timeless type of furniture reinvented under the banner of the “minimal with rhythm”. We went to find out what it’s all about.

  • What it is  Florens is the new sideboard presented by Lema in 2020.
  • What makes it special  Purity is the keyword for this bold cabinet. Placed on the floor with its stripped-down monolithic volume and absolute graphic purity, Florens stands out for its functional approach and refined, and almost hidden, details.
  • How it is made  At first sight Florens is a simple four-door parallelepiped with a compact form available in heat-treated oak and a lacquered finish in a wide range of matte or glossy colors. Thanks to its rear base, the sideboard seems to be slightly detached from the floor. Its surface is smooth without handles, frames or moldings. In reality, behind its frontal panels its hides a small metal flush-mounted profile that creates the groove that allows the opening of the doors and inserts a break in the material. The top is available in the same finish of the structure or in marble, or it can be completed by an extension with open shelves and pull-out trays. The interior is also minimal in Grey Velvet—an innovative ultra-matt material, velvety to the touch and highly resistant—with tempered glass shelves and a built-in lighting system.
  • Whose idea it is  Florens is a project by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti. Architects and designers, together they make up studio Buratti Architetti, which works transversally in various design fields, from urban areas to buildings (residential, commercial and industrial), outfittings and furniture design. In an intense and diverse professional career, they bring together culture and technical ability, experimentation and expertise, creativity and high-quality products. They boast of collaborations with important designer brands like Acerbis International, Alias, Antonio Lupi, B&B Italia, Gallotti&Radice, Living Divani, Paola Lenti, Poliform, Poltrona Frau, Porada, Porro, Roca, Tecno, and Vondom, and have won numerous prizes and international awards including an Honorable Mention at the XXII Compasso d’Oro. Their collaboration with Lema began in 2020.
  • We chose it because… Attention to detail, formal purity, practicality in use…with Florens the pleasant feeling of a perfectly tidy home takes place instantly. Additionally, thanks to its minimalism, it also offers the perfect backdrop on which to display small sculptures, unique lamps or our most beautiful vases, because we also, and especially, need furniture that silently tip-toes into our homes.




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