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The Gerle by Ethimo, the new go-anywhere chair

| Designbest editorial staff


artly a backpack and partly a wicker pannier, Gerla is primarily a chair you can take with you outdoors.  It has recently received  the “L’italia si Alza” award, part of the Porta Nuova Smart Community project.  It was designed by a team of young students and exclusively produced by Ethimo.

  • What  is it?  Le Gerle is a chair suitable for outdoor use which also serves as a backpack. It is made of woven Etwick fibre, aluminium and fabric.   
  • What is special about it?  It reinterprets the wicker pannier – reference to the agricultural tradition – with a modern, urban twist.  It’s a versatile piece as it easily turns into a backpack chair: perfect for the summer.
  • How is it made? Inspired by traditional wisker baskets, it is made of  innovative materials:  woven Etwick fibre, aluminium and fabric. A lightweight but sturdy backpack. 
  • Who is it by? Mario Ferrarini, an intuitive young designer who combines feelings with smart, innovative ideas.  For this project, he worked alongside the young students of the Oliver Twist school in Como, Italy, with support of the Riccardo Catella Foundation and Cometa for the new Porta Nuova district.
  • We have chosen it because…  It’s twice as functional, comfortable, with a nod to the past. It’s the right piece for urban globetrotters:  can you imagine waiting for the taxi sitting on the pavement, or having a sandwich right in the square – in the only shaded corner – or also improvising a picnic in the park, all this with style? Not to mention, it will be perfect for holidays: from camping to a wander in the woods, your break will be assured.


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