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| Designbest editorial staff


strela, designed by the Campana brothers for A lot of Brasil, finds its inspiration in the “bolacha do mar”, a type of starfish. The result? A collection of laser-cut metal pieces with a fizzy graphic and a summer feel.

  • What is it? Estrela, a furniture collection in metal which consists of a chair, a small sofa, a small armchair, lamps and tables.
  • What is special about it? At a first glance it looks like it's made from crochet: each piece is light, thing and features dreamlike lines. This is the result of the Campana brothers' creative vision, combined with a state-of-the-art technology. In fact, futuristic robots laser cut the metal, allowing it to take any shape in a texture which can be endlessly modulated.
  • How is it made? It consists of a series of laser-cut metal “stars”, welded together through a state-of-the-art technique inspired by craftsmanship and developed so only robots are used in production.
  • Who is it by? The Campana brothers, visionary designers who always think out of the box. They love to surprise and mix reality and dream, approaching kitsch without ever touching it. Their starting point is always craftwork, and their design rhymes with re-cycle, material mix (synthetic, natural and recycled) and endless combinations of local traditions and different cultures. Brazil, the land where they live and work, is a constant source of inspiration.
  • We have chosen it because... It's a cheerful, bright, unexpected and entirely new collection. In addition to this, it looks extremely comfortable and ideal for any outdoor corner in the city, at the seaside or in the countryside. The more we think about it, the more we imagine it in our living room, when winter is coming outside. Nothing better to warm up an environment than a low table or a lamp which evokes your granny's doilies without loosing its distinctive contemporary feel. 
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