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Showerhead AA/27 Aboutwater, design Michael Anastassiades 2020, Boffi and Fantini.

| Designbest editorial staff


arious expressive languages from designers selected from the international scene who each uniquely represent the cutting-edge of contemporary design: this is the philosophy of a line of products from the alliance of two top, high-end Italian designer brands. Ten years on from the start of this stimulating collaboration (that has also included the respective collections of Piero Lissoni, Naoto Fukasawa and Paik Sun Kim), there is a new unexcepted piece that surprisingly reverses trends. We went to check out a sneak peek of what it is all about.


  • What it is  The new showerhead designed for the Aboutwater AA/27 collection, the tap collection from the partnership between Boffi and Fantini.  
  • What makes it special  Over the last few years we have got used to seeing increasingly more complex technological contraptions capable of turning our bathrooms into little spas with special effects and amazing jets of water. However, the new showerhead for the AA/27 collection is the exact opposite. With a minimal design, it is pure water in its essence: a simple bent tube that emerges from the wall.
  • How it is made  Simple in appearance, because in the details of its finish and interior it hides the technological perfection of Fantini taps. The showerhead for the AA/27 shower group is made up of a stainless-steel tube 3.2 cm in diameter that showers us with rain. In addition to brushed steel, the finish is also available in Matt Gun Metal PVD, a color made with special non-toxic and biocompatible treatments.
  • Whose idea it is  AA/27 is a project by Michael Anastassiades, the Cypriot industrial designer who graduated from Royal College of Art in London, where his studio is located. A master of light—in 2007 he founded a company under his name that produces lighting objects, décor and accessories—Anastassiades’ design lies in the creative space between fluid and unconventional art and design. He has collaborated with the most prestigious international design companies and his pieces are present in the permanent collection of the most important design museums, including MoMa in New York.
  • We chose it because…  Above all, the AA/27 amazes for everything that isn’t there. Its minimalism makes us reflect on what is truly necessary and what is superfluous; and it silently highlights the theme of the importance of water in itself and its use with regards to the ecosystem. This starts from the little things, like a long-lasting tap, conceived and produced in the name of sustainability.



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