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Leucos, pedant lamp Aella

| Designbest editorial staff


ifty years old and no signs of ageing. Aella, the iconic table lamp designed in 1968 by Renato Toso and Noti Massari for Leucos, has received a fresh update. What’s more, new-look Aella is even more elegant than its predecessor, a truly contemporary piece.


What is it? Aella by Leucos is a pendant lamp in crystal blown glass.

What is special about it? Aella is the updated version of the iconic table lamp by the same name, originally designed in 1968. However, it brings retro design to the twenty-first century. The outcome is a modern and innovative pendant lamp, which casts an evocative cone of light.

How is it made? Large lampshade in crystal blown glass, supported by three imperceptible cables. The lampshade also houses innovative technology: a powerful dimmable LED circuit.

Who is it by? Throughout the years, design studioToso & Massari has worked in partnership with top brands in the field. Toso & Massari was set up in 1996 by name partners Renato Toso and Noti Massari and their children Anna, Marco, Pio and Tito. This industrial design and interior design studio, focuses on booth design, exhibition design and retail.

We have chosen it because… Aella has such a futuristic and filmy silhouette that it almost appears to be floating in mid air. The clear glass cone and its light reflection, gives to Aella the same feel of a light installation. A piece to be enjoyed when on and off.

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