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| Designbest editorial staff


R by Agape: enchanting, supple, elegant and cosy. We like our bathtub to have an extremely innovative design, yet intimate and welcoming, fit for two. What’s more, DR by Agape was even shortlisted for the 2015 ADI Design Index.

  • What is it? DR by Agape is a bathtub with a curved silhouette, designed for two.
  • What is special about it? DR is an innovative piece with a curved silhouette, a soft sheen and it also has two built-in seats, but it doesn’t take up much space at all. What’s more, DR was shortlisted for the 2015 ADI Design Index.
  • How is it made? DR has an organic silhouette with tub in a hardwearing thermosetting plastic. Its edge has an indentation on which column taps can be mounted on (if need be, you can fix taps directly on the tub). DR also includes a special drainage system, which uses the principle of communicating vessels to conceal overflow. DR can either can be recessed flush with the floor or cladded in a choice of bent plywood stained oak, teak or in the newest clay finish by Matteo Brioni.
  • Who is it by? Marcio Kogan and Mariana Ruzante, designers of the Brazilian architecture studio MK27. And of this design project they say: “the aim was to make a friendly, sensual and charismatic object”.
  • We have chosen it because… DR by Agape has a curvy silhouette, which embraces you like a warm hug. DR is an extremely elegant piece and comes in a choice of different natural finishes. And it’s also made for two. The idea behind this piece is a bath time full of cuddles, to be shared with your loved one. We feel that this is a small treat, full of romance… 
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