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Effegibi, sauna Air

| Designbest editorial staff


ir is the latest sauna by Effegibi. Innovative, elegant and cosy, Air was designed having the interests of the entire family in mind. Simply lay-down Air with heater in the middle; this piece has refined aesthetics and is really comfortable. Air is exactly what you need for total wellbeing.

  • What is it? Air is the latest sauna by Effegibi, it comes with a built-in platform.
  • What is special about it? With its sophisticated aesthetics, Air is a fresh new take on traditional saunas. What’s more, it’s has two innovative features: a built-in platform, so Air can be directly laid-down on the floor and its heater goes in the middle. What’s more, Air comes with several sophisticated features: concealed LED lighting, extendable benches, which pierce the crystal wall and in turn, become clothes hooks and shelves.
  • How is it made? Air is in Aspen timber and it comes with: a built-in platform, so it can be directly laid-down on the floor (without the need of additional building work), two cantilevered benches, which pierce the crystal wall and in turn, become clothes hanger and shelf, central heater, concealed LED technology and a floor-to-ceiling front in tempered crystal (8 mm thick). Two different sizes available: Air 80 (cm 217x162) and Air 120 (cm 283x252).
  • Who is it by? Talocci Design is the design studio run by Giovanna Talocci and Manuela Impellizzeri. It focuses on clean aesthetics, constant material research, design innovation and energy efficiency. Its wide ranging design goes from bathroom fixtures and fittings to lighting design, from living room furniture to hi-tech gadgets. However, Talocci Design is best known for its bathroom interiors, which focus on total wellbeing.  
  • We have chosen it because… Air is partly inspired by traditional Finnish saunas and partly inspired by a need to gather around a blazing fire. The outcome is a refined piece, where wellbeing is paramount. Furthermore, Air is cosy as well as being bright; this is an open plan space, where you can rejuvenate. 
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