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Faber, Air Hub hood

| Designbest editorial staff


omestic wellness and air purification at home are becoming more and more essential when we speak about furniture. That’s why this hood immediately struck us. It combines the efficiency of a kitchen appliance with a state-of-the-art system that sanitizes the air and instantly makes us feel good.


  • What it is Air Hub by Faber, the sanitizing hood.
  • What makes it special It is not only a state-of-the-art hood, but it offers a genuine concept that revolutionizes air treatment in the home and the idea of domestic wellness. Plus, it is a two-in-one kitchen appliance. In addition to working as a hood, it sanitizes the air safely and ecologically.
  • How it is made It is a hood that perfectly integrates two kitchen appliances. There is a module for the sanitization of the air and a T-shaped hood. Thanks to a small centrifugal fan designed by Faber engineers, the air is slowly conveyed towards a UV-C light produced by two special lamps. The prolonged contact of the air with the light source allows for the destruction of 99% of bacteria and viruses without the use of chemical substances. Practical and easy-to-use, Air Hub turns on with the simple press of a button, while two extra functions—intensive and night programs—allow you to increase the extraction intensity or reduce sound to a minimum during the night hours. Air Hub is currently available in four models in formats of 60 and 90 cm: two with a glass touch-control panel and A+ energy label and two with a stainless-steel panel; all of the models are equipped with the Intensive Speed and Delay 30 functions.
  • Whose idea it is Faber, the Italian kitchen hood company which embraces the philosophy of “form follows function”. Dedicated to design, the essence of its approach does not stop at aesthetic needs, but it creates products which are capable of respecting practical ones as well. Its exclusive forms, refined elegance and harmonic simplicity are the product of constant research that unites style and function.
  • We chose it because… We all love having an efficient kitchen and fresh and clean home. This hood satisfies us with the most in technology, going beyond food odor and cooking vapors. Because in addition to ensuring the most in performance, it safely purifies and sanitizes the air with UV-C rays, providing us with absolute wellness.



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