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Alcantara for Daikin, Emura air-conditioner - Tropicalia
| Designbest editorial staff


e generally want our air-conditioner to be powerful, functional and to have a refined aesthetic. This why two design power houses like Daikin, leading name in the field of cooling systems, and Alcantara, at the head of its game in the textile industry, have joined forces. And the result is a breath of fresh air, which we can dress in a choice of refined fabrics. 


  • What is it? Alcantara for Daikin, a limited edition collection of Emura air-conditioners. They can be customized by adding panels in alcantara, available in a choice of 30 different finishes.
  • What is special about it? Ground-breaking technology and a refined aesthetic, yet with an extreme attention to detail; this is Daikin down to-a-tee. The new Emura range, however, also comes with interchangeable panels in alcantara: durable, yet lightweight and available in a choice of 30 different finishes. And in this way, a conventional air-conditioner becomes a unique home accessory; a real note of style which will complement your décor and stand out on any wall. 
  • How is it made? Emura is a highly technological piece, it can be covered by a panel in alcantara. Panels are handmade and can also be easily removed by hand.
  • Who is it by? Daikin, a Japanese multinational, leading name in the field of air-cooling systems and Alcantara, a brand renowned all over the world for its innovative fabric by the same name. Devoted to technology, the first one, and closer to the world of fashion, the second one. Both brands have the same goal: a refined aesthetic combined with extreme functionality. And this transforms each motion into a daily pleasure.
  • We have chosen it because…  During summer, the air-conditioner becomes an essential piece and even a precious ally. And we really like the thought of having one “made to measure” and which suits us, even in its aesthetics. And this one, with its panels in a variety of different finishes and colours can satisfy everyone: because it's powerful, easy to use and adds an original touch to any home.  
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