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B&B Italia, Allure O' table - design Monica Armani

| Designbest editorial staff


n an homage to the glamour of contemporary home design, the most refined convivial style and elegant functionality, the new table designed by Monica Armani focuses on sculptural volumes and elliptical geometries, designing our daily life with the retro appeal of the Sixties.


  • What it is Allure O’ by B&B Italia, the new table with a Sixties feel.
  • What makes it special It is part of the new Allure O’ family which is inspired by the Sixties. With elliptical forms, rounded corners and glamourous finishes, the table becomes the highlight of a convivial setting, in a mix of a Sixties and contemporary atmosphere.
  • How it is made It is a table with a square or rectangular top, rounded corners and a truncated pyramid base. Available in two sizes (for each form), it can seat four, six or eight guests and be glossy or matte painted in 18 colors or light and black oak wood. The top can be chosen in Carrara white marble, Marquina black marble or in a sophisticated glossy, black glass. The base and top can be made in combinations of different colors.
  • Whose idea it is Monica Armani, the Trento designer born in 1964. A well-known member of the Italian Rationalist movement, Monica works in architecture and interior and product design with a penchant for functionality. Her creations stand out for their refined and sleek forms which are always dedicated to practicality.
  • We chose it because… It shows how functionality can be elegant. It has substantial volumes, yet can be light and sophisticated. This is due to its rounded form and painted finishes which turn the table into a quasi-sculptural, contemporary and timeless piece of décor.



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