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Sanwa Company, kitchen AM01 - design Alessandro Mendini

| Designbest editorial staff


his mini kitchen is compact and functional too. The last couple of years have seen many space-saving designs, but none like her: as only Alessandro Mendini can take us by surprise - with his infectious energy – simply opening the cupboard door.


  • What is it AM01 by Sanwa is the new ultra-compact kitchen by HI-MACS®.
  • What is special It’s fun, playful, practical and extraordinary. It couldn’t be but Mendini himself to transform a cupboard (as when it’s closed it’s a standard cupboard) in a kitchen such as this: creative as well as space-saving and functional. 
  • How is it made Only 120 cm wide, this colourful self-contained unit with two decorative fronts is actually a proper kitchen: sink, oven, hob, hood and several compartments. The top is available in several finishes such as silk-printed glass, stainless steel and solid surface HI-MACS®, a new innovative material (its pore-less surface is heat-resistant, bacteria and dirt resistant and easy to clean too). Its wooden doors are in a polychrome lacquered finish, available in three different colours and several styles.
  • Who is it by For this project, Alessandro Mendini, one of the key players on the contemporary design scene, has teamed up with Francesco Mendini and Andrea Balzari, architects and partners of Atelier Mendini.  Pure creativity, playful and poetic irony, ye a meticulous attention to detail too, function and practicality: all the projects by Atelier Mendini combine a nonconformist-style with an attention to everyday life, simplifying people’s live with irony.
  • We have chosen it because…  Hidden in the cupboard, it encourages you to enjoy life (as Mendini does with his projects). And when you open it, it shows all its efficiency, with a perfectly organized space. So cooking becomes a cheerful and creative moment, in a mini-space too.


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