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Royal Botania collection Organix Lounge, design Kris Van Puyvelde

| Designbest editorial staff


elaxation, elegance, pleasure—in short, enjoying the fairest of seasons by setting the garden or terrace up like a real and true living room with sofas and side tables. 

And that’s where design comes in as a common denominator capable of giving personality and style to the living spaces. The search for organic forms allows one to “build” an outdoor context characterized by soft lines and volumes. The Lounge collection by Royal Botania demonstrates this as the pieces seems to have been polished, almost as if they were stones, by the tides.


  • What it is Organix Lounge by Royal Botania is a system of outdoor seating made up of eight different elements. It is possible to compose numerous lounge sets that are suitable to every spatial or contextual need.
  • What makes it special The immense comfort, versatility and possibility to make your stay outdoors unique by playing with various compositional setups. The presence of side tables that complete the useful equipment is fundamental.
  • How it is made The backrest cushions are available with three different curve radii, perfectly complementary with the soft and organic forms of the bases. The structure is in anthracite lacquered aluminum, while the upholstery can be chosen from the Royal Botania’s ample fabric collection. To complete the collection there are four different low tables that are available in seven different ceramic finishes.
  • Whose idea it is The collection is the result of the creative project by Kris Van Puyvelde, who studied engineering at the University of Antwerp. Together with Frank Boschman, Kris Van Puyvelde founded Royal Botania, the Belgian company that has known how to revisit the colonial style of outdoor furniture in a contemporary key by placing great attention on the choices of innovative materials, production techniques and design.
  • We chose it because it is a project that looks for inspiration in the fascinating world of nature. A way of observing what surrounds us with the ability of formal synthesis in uncommon balance and style.


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