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Antrax, radiator Android

| Designbest editorial staff


adiator or origami? Without a doubt, Android, the radiator designed by Daniel Libeskind for Antrax, is a showstopper. Android combines a pleated front with cutting edge technology, so it doesn’t surprise us at all that it received the coveted 2016 Good Design Award.


  • What is special about it? Antrax looks like a pleated sheet of paper or a Japanese origami. Antrax is also highly sustainable and energy efficient: made from 100% recyclable materials, highly thermally efficient and runs on very little water.
  • How is it made? Made from 100% recyclable materials, Antrax is fitted with a water-saving patent circuit which works faster than other conventional styles, as well as being highly thermally efficient (and remarkably energy efficient). Over 200 different colours available, it can be installed either portrait or landscape with optional towel rack.
  • Who is it by? World class Polish-American architect Daniel Libeskind is part of the deconstructivist movement. Daniel Libeskind is an eclectic artist and designer, best known for distorted volumes, crisp lines and asymmetric shapes.
  • We have chosen it because… Android by Antrax follows the trend of sculptural radiators, adding a type of elegance and style which are out the ordinary. It could be because it draws from the Orient (Japanese style is renowned for its minimalism), or because it brings together technology and sustainability, or even because it leaves us mesmerized. Be it as it may, we would like one in every room.


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