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antoniolupi, O24 washbasin - design Gumdesign

| Designbest editorial staff


an a marble washbasin become a dynamic, light and sustainable object? Of course it can, if it is designed by Gumdesign for Antonio Lupi. In presenting us to 2021’s new releases, they showed how they have transformed the classic freestanding washbasin into a sculptural and graphical totem with segmented marble. O24 is made up of 24 marble segments attached to one another thanks to thin lines of epoxy resin, which also play a distinct decorative role. In what seems like a special effect, this project not only plays with a clean and geometric aesthetic completely reworking the washbasin, but also focuses on sustainability. This comes all thanks to the duo of Laura Fiaschi and Gabriele Pardi. Like all those who come Carrara, Laura has marble in her DNA. While Gabrielle is an architect with a strong sensibility who sees creativity as way to look towards a better tomorrow.

Together they have chosen to make use of a recycled material, utilizing the scraps from the marble industry (which still remains a prized material) in order to create a collection, which also includes the Gessati and Rigati washbasins, with a strong stylistic identity that plays off the black and white.

024’s marble slabs have been cut into trapezoids and glued to one another with contrasting resins, in the same process that characterizes the Gessati and Rigati washbasins which were previously presented by antoniolupi (vertical for Gessati, horizontal for Rigati and radial sections for 024).

“024 is a washbasin whose design has unfolded to the rhythm of ingenuity, creativity and exceptional craftsmanship” explains Gumdesign. The lines mark out the design and highlight its strength and beauty; the white Carrara marble basin plays with the contrast of the Marquinia black marble pedestal, while the segments are brought to a minimum in order to reduce the washbasin’s weight, which is just 50 kg. And it can be easily disassembled if it is necessary to carry out maintenance work on the plumbing.

In keeping with the Tra_Le_Righe collection, it is sober and elegant like a black and white pinstriped suit. Simple yet with sophisticated and surprising beauty, it is almost archetypal. Within its minimalist aesthetic the O24 washbasin conceals the complexity of its design and construction that characterizes it, molding sustainability into a timeless piece of décor.



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