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Antrax IT

| Designbest editorial staff


ince 1996, Antrax IT, the leading company in the production of hi-tech designer radiators, has used three keywords to sum up their philosophy: innovation, energy savings and sustainability. Research and experimentation are the brand’s crown jewels. They have always created designer radiators with projects aimed at today’s needs, but with one eye on tomorrow. All of this gets framed by a refined and contemporary design, interpreted by some of the biggest names like Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, Victor Vasiley, Piero Lissoni and Daniel Libeskind.

Many of their proposals stand out for their flexibility. For example, the models made for small spaces are the perfect combination of sustainability and efficiency. With compact and space-saving models, modular ones, and those that are tailormade, Antrax IT offers a series of radiators in 100% recyclable aluminum that guarantee the maximum in thermal capacity.

Electrical or hydraulic, vertical or horizontal and with customizable accessories, the new designer radiators are able to respond to any need, even in smaller spaces. This is true of the Serie T, the collection designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez which turns into a convenient shelf or a bookcase module (with built-in wooden shelves) to be hung either horizontally or vertically. Serie T, made with 100% recyclable aluminum, is available in a hydraulic or electric version in over 200 colors and 5 dimensions, but can be customized in every detail and accessorized with hooks or towel holder slits.

Serie T Radiator

Meanwhile, Tubone by Andrea Crosetta is perfect for narrow corners because it is only 14 cm deep (or 22 in the double version) and can be installed horizontally and vertically. There are 200 colors in the catalogue for this model as well, and it can be accessorized with a towel holder handle. The same goes for Loft, another “super slim” model designed by Andrea Crosetta. In its 20x150 cm module with 6.5 cm of depth, it proves itself to be a real space-saver: the small waves on its surface add a theatrical three-dimensional effect and ensure noticeable energy savings.

Loft Radiator  /  Tubone Radiator

Finally, Saturn and Moon are two proposals designed by Peter Rankin. Identical in their sculptural and rounded form, these two steel radiators can be hung at any height to decorate the wall with a discrete yet bold touch. The only difference is the addition of the towel rack bar, which interprets Saturn’s ring with a graphical touch.

Moon Radiator  / Saturn Radiator



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