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Geberit, wc-bidet Tuma

| Designbest editorial staff


leek aesthetics, cutting edge technology and real comfort are must-haves in any modern bathroom. AquaClean Tuma by Geberit is a striking example of this. AquaClean Tuma is the latest space saving WC by Geberit, which doubles as a practical bidet with built-in showerhead. Utmost hygiene and wellbeing in one.


  • What is it? AquaClean Tuma is the latest WC and bidet combo by Geberit.
  • What is special about it? AquaClean Tuma has a built-in showerhead (with gentle jets for feminine hygiene), so it can double as a practical bidet. Plus, it comes with a special anti-odour filter, a heated seat and a warm air drier, all features work via a remote control.
  • How is it made? A built-in showerhead with WhirlSpray technology turns AquaClean Tuma into a proper bidet, also fitted with gentle jets for feminine hygiene. Top of the line rimless ceramic bowl simplifies cleaning and guarantees maximum hygiene, heated seat and anti-odour filter, warm air drier and a practical remote control. Plus, AquaClean Tuma is available different materials, finishes and with a control pad in various styles.
  • Who is it by? Geberit is a leading manufacturer of bathroom fittings, known around the world for how it brings together cutting edge technology with superior aesthetics.
  • We have chosen it because‚Ķ WCs are not all the same. In fact, AquaClean Tuma by Geberit brings together contemporary aesthetics with cutting edge technology, like none other. It successfully turns your daily hygiene into a proper ritual (even in a tiny bathroom).


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