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Jacuzzi, whirlpool bathtub Arga

| Designbest editorial staff


s everybody is undoubtedly aware, baths have a reinvigorating power. And what power does a bathtub that transforms into a spa have? We’ve discovered it at Cersaie 2018: a revolution in the world of bathtubs, Arga takes your dreams to another level. A new dimension of personal wellbeing.


  • What is it Arga by Jacuzzi is a hi-tech bathtub. la vasca hitech a tutto benessere.
  • What is special Arga has Swirlpool technology, Whisper+ Technology, chromotherapy as well as integrated bath salts. Thanks to these technological innovations, with Arga taking a bath is a real wellness experience as it combines the advantages of sound, colours, sweet scents and water-whirls for a personalised treatment.
  • How is it made Arga relies on innovative technology to offer a personalised experience for every client. Swirlpool technology produces a delicate, soothing water-whirl that massages your body with hydrojets and integrated leds, besides keeping water at a constant temperature. Whisper+ Technology guarantees total silence, whereas the integrated leds include chromotherapy. What’s more. Arga is the sole bathtub in circulation to have an integrated infuser for mineral salts that automatically dissolve in the water, available in a choice of four different fragrances: Carpo, Thallo, Auxo and Eirene that revitalise, rejuvenate the whole body. The bathtub is available in glossy white or satin white, in either a freestanding or a wall-mounted version.
  • Who is it by For this project, Jacuzzi has worked in partnership with Why Not, a group of freelance designers that combine their experience from different creative backgrounds. With over a decade of collective experience, throughout the years Whynot has won several coveted international awards
  • We have chosen it because… Arga by Jacuzzi has all the advantages of a home-spa as it helps us relax, rejuvenated and recharge too. Surely, everybody dreams of having a spa treatment in the comfort of their own home after work. Well, Arga has been especially designed to pamper you and this makes feel better already. 


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