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Marazzi, Art Collection

| Designbest editorial staff


orcelain stoneware often reproduces the qualities of other materials. In this instance, it reproduces the material qualities of traditional Terrazzo tiles, creating a contemporary tile series suitable for your home and the outdoors too.


  • How is it Art Collection by Marazzi, a modern interpretation of traditional Terrazzo tiles.
  • What is special It transforms traditional Terrazzo tiles with understated, sophisticated effects. Porcelain stoneware is an extremely innovative material as it’s hardwearing and capable of faithfully reproducing the qualities of other materials as well as traditional manufacturing techniques. Besides with a pattern in shades of white, green and brown, this floor tile series represents an alternative to traditional grey Terrazzo tiles: it’s distinctive contemporary style is perfect for your home and the outdoors too.
  • How is it made The tiles are made of marble fragments in different sizes that on a concrete base, create soft nuances. The collection includes 5 colours that combine white, green and brown, available in several sizes starting from 120x120 cm. The tiles have a natural or a lux finish and there’s an outdoor version too, 80x80 cm and 20 mm thick (in the colours Beige, Taupe, Grey and Anthracite).
  • Who is it by Marazzi is an leading Italian manufacturer of tiles in porcelain stoneware and ceramic. Started in 1935 in Sassuolo, central Italy, Marazzi represents the top on the Italian interior design scene. Thanks to its constant experimentation and innovation, Marazzi is known for its ability in anticipating the trends, manufacturing top quality products that focus on safeguarding the environment and sustainability.
  • We have chosen it because… Art Collection by Marazzi adds a fresh twist to sixteenth century Terrazzo tiles. Thanks to its bright nuances, it moves away from traditional grey tiles, perfectly aligned with modern taste, perfect in your home out outdoors.
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