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Cappellini, Arya lamps - design Giulio Cappellini & Antonio Facco

| Designbest editorial staff


hese lamps designed by the duo of Cappellini and Facco come from an un expected mix of Asian influences, warm and velvety palettes, and timeless Muranese traditions. With rounded volumes and artisanal details, they offer a poetic touch to the atmosphere, whether on or off.


  • What they are Arya by Cappellini, the new mouth-blown glass lamps
  • What makes them special With mouth-blown glass, soft colors and a poetic allure that will have you dreaming, these lamps are inspired by Oriental vases and remind one of floating air bubbles. They have a velvety texture that makes them spectacular and chic even when off. When they are turned on they completely change colors, with a soft light and delicate hue.
  • How they are made They have a pasta-colored, mouth-blown glass lampshade on a mold with black metallic parts. Available in a table or pendant version, their lampshade comes in four matte colors: white, smoky gray, avio blue, and chocolate. The same line also comes in a collection of vases.
  • Whose idea they are Giulio Cappellini and Antonio Facco; the former is an iconic architect on the international design scene and the brand’s owner; and the latter is a young and promising designer born in 1991 who started collaborating with Cappellini immediately after graduating in Interior Design. Together they have created various unique projects that look to push contemporary design forward.
  • We chose them because… They evoke the simple perfection of oriental style, but exalt the craftsmanship of master glassblowers. These lamps are unique pieces thanks to this use of the ancient traditions of Murano, and are made even more exquisite due to potential small air bubbles and imperfections in color and thickness.



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