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Luceplan, lamp Ascent

| Designbest editorial staff


treamlined silhouette, delicate aesthetics and subtle charm; this is what we love about Ascent by Luceplan. Ascent is the latest lamp by Luceplan, you can switch it on-and-off just by sliding its lampshade along the stem. Perfect combination of design and innovation, and its precisely for this reason Ascent received the 2016 Compasso d’Oro Award.  


What is it? Ascent by Luceplan is a table lamp.

What is special about it? No switches, buttons or control systems, in fact you can switch Ascent on-and-off just by sliding its lampshade along the stem.

How is it made? The real novelty about Ascent is how it switches on-and-off and how you can adjust light intensity; this is set in motion just by sliding its lampshade along the stem. Ground breaking technology is what makes Ascent such a winner:  lampshade is fitted with an electronic card (a microprocessor) and when the lampshade slides up-and-down it triggers electronic impulses from circuits on the stem. Plus, dimmer technology does the rest, as well as adjusting light intensity.

Who is it by? Born in 1984, Norwegian designer Daniel Rybakken grew up in the city of Oslo, where in 2008 he set up one of his own design studio (an other one is in Goteborg). For Daniel, designing means bringing together art and design, his production ranges from limited edition pieces to art installations and even prototypes for mass production; this is precisely why Daniel has received a number of coveted design awards.

We have chosen it because… Born from a rather poetic concept, Ascent by Luceplan has a clean and simple silhouette and sophisticated aesthetics. Ascent shows an interesting perspective on lighting design: functional, cutting edge and with that little something special.

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