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Antonio Lupi, washbasins Astro - design Marco Piva

| Designbest editorial staff



culptural, monolithic, fluid and luminous, the new washbasins designed by Marco Piva for Antonio Lupi create a new concept in the bathroom that focuses completely on water. At the center of the scene one does in fact the muse of water in these magical totems that seem to be sculpted from ice. With their transparent glow they create atmospheres full of emotion in order to offer unique and exclusive wellness.


  • What they are Astro and Aura by Antonio Lupi, the new transparent and glowing washbasins.
  • What make them special They are made from a block of Cristalmood, an exclusive and completely eco-sustainable resin that allows for the development of unique forms and effects that would be unthinkable with any other material. The production phases of Cristalmood are quite complex and require expert craftsmanship. This is why the washbasins comes out singular and present slight differences in color or small air bubbles that become marks of authenticity.
  • How they are made Both freestanding washbasins are made from a single block of Cristalmood—a resistant, malleable and recyclable eco-sustainable resin—and are available in 13 different colors with LED lighting. Astro has been conceived of as a block of ice and can be accessorized with a freestanding sink or a counter basin. Aura hides its drain and syphon within, and its bowl is inspired by the flow of water that is capable, drop after drop, of carving the ice.
  • Whose idea they are Marco Piva, the Italian designer and architect who graduated from the Politecnico di Milano, where he now coordinates the post-graduate master’s program. He founded his studio Studiodada Associati in 1990 and has since worked in all facets of design from architecture, interior design to master planning. Considered to be one the contemporary architectural stars, he focuses on an emotional, fluid and functional language capable of breaking with stylistic conventions in order to promote differentiation and innovation in each field.
  • We chose them because… They are without a doubt so spectacular that they leave you speechless. They are also a unity of technological innovations because they get the most out of a special material like Cristalmood, offering us exclusive products that bring together a stylistic and functional avantgarde with a focus on sustainability.



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