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Tubes, radiator Astro - design Luca Nichetto (ph: Max Zambelli)

| Designbest editorial staff


artly fan-heater, partly air-purifier and astonishingly, a bewitching piece of furniture. Astro by Tube is a smart alternative to the old electric heater: a tiny heating system that connects to the electrical mains and - wherever it is - purifies the air. With a touch of style.


  • What is it Astro by Tubes, is an electric heater that purifies the air too.
  • What is it Simple, retro-inspired and extremely practical: this tiny electrical heater is super functional, especially during this season (when the weather is unstable) as it takes up little space, but rapidly heats up any room. In addition (here's its strong point), it purifies the entire space removing bad odours. Extremely innovative, it won the Red Dot Design Award 2019 in the Best of the Best category.
  • How is it made It's an electric heater that requires no professional installation and it purifies the home air as it warms up. It has a retro-inspired, minimal design, touch controls and a compact silhouette. Part of the Plug&Play collection, it’s suitable for any space and in any season (it works as an air-purifier too). It works as a heater and an air-purifier either simultaneously or individually. Astra additionally works via wifi and its special app.
  • Who is it by Born in 1976, the Venetian designer Luca Nichetto started his career in 1999 designing products in Murano glass. In 2006, he established studio Nichetto&Partners that focuses on industrial design as well as offering a consultancy service. He opened a second office in Stockholm in 2011. Luca Nichetto is currently an internationally renowned designer that works around the world and throughout the years, he has won several coveted awards too.
  • We have chosen it because… Astro by Tube magically transforms a standard electric heater into an elegant and practical object, perfectly in tune with the times. In addition, it purifies the air: to create the ideal "climate" in every room.


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