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Domino by B-Line, multi-purpose storage

| Designbest editorial staff


omino B-Line has clean-cut lines and functional design. This multi-purpose storage has a cheerful vibe with bright colours, which look like they've come out from one of Mondrian’s paintings. It's perfect for your summer house: its multipurpose space-saving structure can go from a bookshelf, small table and even a storage unit...


  • What is it? Domino is a highly modular storage unit with a minimalist aesthetic, in wood and metal.  
  • What’s special about it? This storage unit has a clean and simple aesthetic, but offers many different alternatives in terms of modularity. Vertical partitions in painted wood can be assembled in a variety of different ways according to intended use. In fact, just by moving one of them, you can instantly change the style and colour of this piece. 
  • How is it made?  The shelves are made of oak plywood supported by metal rods. The vertical L-shaped dividers are in wooden fiber, available in various colours. It comes in various heights and in two different sizes. A version with castors is also available.
  • Who is it by? Favaretto&Partners,  a design studio which specializes in industrial design and architecture. For more that 40 years, these designers have had the following mission: “Design for all”. In other words, their design is accessible to all.
  • We have chosen it because…  With its clean lines, Domino is an highly versatile unconventional piece, also inspired by Mondrian’s paintings. The modularity of this unit allows you to change shapes and colours in just a few seconds. And doing so, will certainly make you will feel like an “artist” or designer. Create your favourite piece with just a few touches: a bookshelf, a small table, a small divider, a filing cabinet…


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