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Frag, clothes stand Bak Valet Stand

| Designbest editorial staff


or bedroom or entrance hall, a frame in steel and leather to keep your clothes and small objects tidy. Bak Valet Stand by Frag is a stylish dumbwaiter: simple, functional and chic.


  • What is it? Bak Valet Stand by Frag is a versatile dumbwaiter.
  • What’s special about it? Bak Valet Stand is a lightweight pieces with clean aesthetics, yet function is top priority. This is how you can keep your bedroom or entrance hall stylishly tidy with everything within reach.
  • How is it made? Frame in painted steel and leather clad cylindrical shelves which serve as practical hall trays. Optional mirror.
  • Who is it by? Designer Ferruccio Laviani is known for his minimalist aesthetics. Ferruccio focuses on a clean and contemporary steel, playing with a note colour to turn even the simplest of ideas into a special piece.
  • We have chosen it because? Bak Valet Stand by Frag brings back the traditional dumbwaiter, yet it gives a more dramatic feel. In fact, streamlined frame and leather trays make of this dumbwaiter a contemporary and sophisticated piece of furniture, to put on display.


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