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Unopiù, carpet Baku

| Designbest editorial staff


colourful hand-woven carpet in hardwearing fibre; these are the perfect properties for a carpet that you can use all year round. Exactly like Baku by Unopiù, primarily designed as an outdoor carpet (it resists to atmospheric agents), but it can go indoors too (tahnks to its impeccable taste).


  • What is it? Baku by Unopiù is a carpet for indoors and out.
  • What is special about it? Baku is hand-woven in a special type of synthetic fibre that has been especially designed to resist to atmospheric agents. The outcome is an elegant carpet that is equally suited for your living room in the winter and the outdoors in the summer.
  • How is it made? Made from a special type of synthetic fibre (100% Italian), designed to resist to atmospheric agents and woven by hand. Available in several woven patterns (braided and panama), as well as three different shapes and sizes (square cm 300x300, rectangular cm 200x300 and circular with a diameter of 140 cm) and in a choice of different colours.
  • Who is it by? Unopiù is a leading manufacturer of outdoor furniture. The brand’s selling points are style, innovation and practicality: every piece has been especially designed to add a tasteful and elegant touch to the outdoors and there are also many pieces that are equally suited to the indoors.
  • We have chosen it because… Baku by Unopiù has won us over with its style and practicality. This hand-woven carpet adds an elegant twist to any space, whereas the patented synthetic fibre (Made in Italy) has been especially studied to resist to any atmospheric agent. In other words, Baku is the perfect addition to your home (especially if have a fondness for kids and animals).


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