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Baleri Italia, table Bentz

| Designbest editorial staff


aleri Italia first appeared on the interior design scene in 1984. With its instantly recognisable “red cockerel” logo, Baleri Italia soon built a solid reputation for the superior quality of its pieces and for promoting partnerships with the likes of Denis Santachiara, Angelo Mangiarotti and Alessandro Mendini. What’s more, several up-and-coming designers at the time (Philippe Starck first and foremost) shot to fame after contributing to the brand’s production.

When it first started out, Baleri Italia was brave enough to make bold statements with its cutting edge aesthetics, which played a huge role into turning it into a worldwide brand. But, what's behind the brand's success? Since the get go, the brand’s selling points have always been versatility, evocative aesthetics, a strong character and technological experimentation.

Today, 30 years later, Baleri Italia, part of the Hub Design group since 2014, still rides the wave of true innovation. And it doesn’t stop here. In fact, in order to the stay current, Baleri Italia has just bagan a new chapter led by its recently appointed chief executive Sebastiano Langé and art director Aldo Parisotto of P+F Architetti.

Recently, at the 2017 Salone del Mobile, the brand unveiled a new look. Without losing track of its identity, Baleri Italia has successfully interpreted its iconic pieces in a modern way. Silhouettes largely remain unaltered, but they are now upholstered in softer dusty shades and there are also new material combinations: Tato Collection by Denis Santachiara and Enrico Baleri, the Juliette chair, the Caprichair armchair, the Bill sofa by Hannes Wettstein, the Horizon sofa by Arik Levy, the Bentz table by Jeff Miller and seating Marì by Luigi Baroli.

Updated version of iconic pieces, inspired by artwork by Giorgio De Chirico and Josef Albers: its abstract shapes are current and elegant, perfect for modern-day living. This results in elegant pieces which perfectly reflects modern taste and is predicted to be timeless. 


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