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Basil coffee table, Petite Friture

| Designbest editorial staff


asil by Petite Friture is a range of coffee tables, three different styles are available: an upside-down pyramid, a cuboid and a hemisphere. These three solids are made out of cork and turn a conventional metal frame into an extraordinary coffee table. We like the overall look: a sturdy top on a lightweight frame.

  • What is it? Basil by Petite Friture is range of coffee tables with metal frame and cork top, three different styles are available.
  • What is special about it? A lightweight frame, which could easily be a stand for an abstract sculpture. And instead of a conventional table top in either wood or crystal, we have upside-down solids in cork. Basil is a sustainable take on classic minimalist design. 
  • How is it made? Lightweight frame in tubular metal, which supports the top. Top in cork, three different styles are available: pyramid, cuboid and hemisphere.
  • Who is it by? Arthur Leitner is a young French architect, best known for his unique talent in dreaming up solids and novel shapes. A true dreamer, even if he focuses on clean and simple silhouettes. With Basil, Leitner has exploited the material qualities of cork, as well as being true to his own aesthetics.
  • We have chosen it because… We like its unique kind of simplicity. And this is exactly what we want: a home accessory, which is both small and simple. And this coffee table, available in three different styles, perfectly represents our style: simple, minimalist but strong in character. 
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