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Bathroom set XFly by BMT Bagni

| Designbest editorial staff


odern, tailor-made, refined; this is how our bathroom should be. Manufactured with  great attention to detail, functional furniture with ergonomic silhouettes, made from refined materials.


  • What is it? XFLY by BTM Bagni is the brand’s latest range of bathroom furniture.
  • What is special about it? With a clean and simple silhouette, it has an extremely modern aesthetic. For us it was love at first sight, not solely for its aesthetics: every piece in the collection focuses on functionality, the top quality of its materials and manufacturing techniques. With XFLY, top quality is within reach.
  • How is it made? XFLY by BTM Bagni has a minimal design aesthetic that combines ergonomics, functionality and attention to detail. Available in many different colours and finishes, every piece has handless fronts that open with a “push-pull” mechanism and there’s a wall-mounted washstand with a recessed washbasin too.
  • Who is it by? Since its beginnings, BMT has focused on attention to detail as well as designing custom-made pieces. According to BMT, the bathroom is a real temple of personal wellbeing that combines craftsmanship techniques, technological research, a refined design approach and top quality materials. 
  • We have chosen it because XFLY by BTM Bagni has a clean and simple aesthetic and a modern feel: you will feel much better just by looking at it. In a bathroom such as this, the keyword is “tailor-made personal wellbeing”.
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