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| Designbest editorial staff


ith its poetic presence and a strong scenographic impact, the new Belle de Jour lamp by Foscarini resembles a large, bright flower that has just bloomed, naturally opening at the top. The designer Ilaria Marelli describes her idea: "Morning glory is a plant that closes its petals at sunset. I wanted to reproduce the shape and movement of this flower with its sensual delicacy, but at the same time I wanted a spectacular object, capable of asserting itself in a space".

  • What is it  Belle de Jour, a new floor lamp manufactured by Foscarini.
  • What is special  Delicately sensual and with a strong scenographic impact, this lamp results from a poetic form inspired by nature, created by employing technical materials, innovative in the field of lighting design.
  • How is it made  Its funnel-shaped silhouette grows vertically from a hexagonal base. The structure, constructed from slender stems in painted metal, is covered in a technical, elastic fabric, thin and semitransparent too that has a subtle texture on the exterior. At the top, the gently tapered column flares out into an asymmetrical, tilted corolla that lights up the ceiling. Thanks dimmable LED technology, the light is either intimate or floods the entire space.
  • Who is it by  Belle de Jour is a project by Ilaria Marelli. From her creative hub in Como, the architect and designer works on product design, interiors and exhibition displays that are evocative and experimental at the same time. Throughout the years, Ilaria has designed for the top Italian and international brands and her projects range from large scenographic creations to tiny, practical, everyday objects.
  • We have chosen it because…  It’s a graceful piece. Light and delicate it’s - nomen est omen - beautiful by day when it’s switched off and bewitching by night when, lit up, it confers a theatrical charm to the space, capable of transforming the room into an extraordinary poetic setting that removes you from everyday life.


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