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Cassina, chair Beugel (limited edition 2018)

| Designbest editorial staff


wo Dutch designers have contributed to create this exclusive piece that combines tradition and modernity; this is a new version of the iconic Beguel chair. Originally designed by Gerrit T. Rietveld in 1927, Joost Swarte has created a limited-edition piece in time for Christmas. 


  • What is it? Beugel by Cassina, is a limited-edition reboot of a timeless icon.
  • What is special It’s a limited-edition reboot (600 in fact) of an undisputed icon of the twentieth century, decorated by the illustrator and cartoonist Joost Swarte. It’s available in a pearl-white version for Christmas, although we have our eyes on the versions in blue and mustard-yellow out in the new year.
  • How is it made Originally designed in 1927, it has a tubular frame in metal with an 18 mm diameter and incidentally it was one of the first chairs ever to be made with such a thin frame. It currently has a tubular frame with a 15 mm diameter and a more ergonomic silhouette: designed in three parts, the chair is formed by two identical frames in steel that support a chair in laminate wood. The shell is made with 3D technology and every limited-edition piece is distinguished by a progressive number, a monogram in relief on the back and a sort of identity card. It’s available in three different colours, 200 pieces per colour, for a total of 600 exclusive pieces (the version in pearl-white is available for Christmas, blue and mustard-yellow are available from January).
  • Who is it by The Dutch architect and craftsman Gerrit T. Rietveld (1888-1964) is one of the key members of the neoplasticism movement. The limited-edition pieces are designed by the Dutch illustrator and cartoonist Joost Swarte, who with his graphic patterns, pays
  • We have chosen it because…  We are bewitched by design icons. And if after nearly half a century, they are able to refresh their style and such as this chair has done, come out with a new, more glamorous look, we definitely cannot resist them.


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