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Cassina, bed Bio-Mbo - design Patricia Urquiola

| Designbest editorial staff


assina, the Italian company founded in 1927, launched industrial design in 1950s Italy, getting itself noticed for its aptitude in research in innovation. Ever since, its original vision and continually evolving forms have become a recognizable and appreciated symbol around the world, which has been highlighted by the contributions of the most important international architects and designers. The brand’s identity is underlined by its impeccable combination of technology and traditional craftsmanship. This gets demonstrated in a preview of a bed designed by Patricia Urquiola, which is to be released in 2020. It is embracing and revolutionary, and interprets the stylistic features of relaxation and wellness with a state-of-the-art core and timeless sartorial style.


  • What it is Bio-Mbo by Cassina, the “refuge” bed dedicated to wellness.
  • What makes it special It immediately gets itself noticed for its large headboard, which like a theatrical backdrop creates the ideal nighttime scene. It also ensures absolute wellness as this bed goes for innovative materials capable of purifying the air and absorbing noise in order to envelop us in a dreamlike atmosphere.
  • How it is made It is made up of a large padded headboard with horizontal quilting (or upholstered in simple fabric) and two mobile side wings with convenient storage pockets that create a small area where one can find refuge. The structure presents innovative and comforting features like the special theBreath® fabric that covers the headboard and purifies the air by disaggregating polluting particles, thus favoring the natural circulation of clean air.  Moreover, the isolating core is made of Soundfil®—a non-toxic, ecological and recyclable thermal insulator that reduces the reverberation of sound frequencies. Finishing off the bed, there is an optional lamp, a Bio-mbo matching bedside table and the Rondos cupboard which is available in two sizes.
  • Whose idea it is Patricia Urquiola, the Milan-based Spanish designer, art director of Cassina since 2015 who creates her projects with poetic features that evoke elegance, emotions and sensations. In her style the classic categories of design are blended with lessons in design from the masters Achille Castiglioni and Vico Magistretti. What results are projects that mix a minimalist approach with distinctly feminine elements with attention to detail in materials, textures, layering and decoration. Speaking of this project she says, “it is a dimension between dreams and reality, the place where we spend most of our time, the ultimate refuge. And Bio-Mbo (a Portuguese word that come from protection and wind) is the windscreen that protects us all night long”.
  • We chose it because…It is a bed dedicated to comfort, but it is most of all an independent space that gives a room within the room. Just fold the side wings of its headboard/screen and there is a small refuge where every detail ensures absolute relaxation and wellness.



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