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| Designbest editorial staff


nnovation while still being true to a traditional aesthetic: this is the secret behind the new Biscuit timber flooring, designed by Patricia Urquiola for Listone Giordano. Biscuit was introduced at Salone del Mobile 2015, however it still hasn't been included in the new collections. Biscuit brings back the aesthetics of tradtional parquet flooring; it decorates the home in a classic style inspired by times gone by. In fact, it's precisely the past that has inspired designer Patricia Urquiola, who drew her main inspiration from the interiors at Versailles, where small parquet boards adorn each room like exquisite lace. 

The designer's intent is a simple one: she plays with lines and shapes in total freedom, creating elegant patterns, decorating each space with restrained and soft lines. Instead of pushing the boundaries of conventional design, the Spanish designer went back to the origins of parquet flooring. Determined to bring back this aesthetic, Particia first studied how boards were tradionally laid and then applied this knowledge to contemporary interiors. 

Biscuit's little flaws are added value and just like it's warm feel, its imperfections and rounded corners add charm. Slats are in oak with rounded corners and they can be assembled and layered in a varety of different styles - marquetry, mosaic, herringbone, formwork - building elegant “woven patterns”.

Patterns, imperfections and shades change with light and time; Patricia Urquiola puts it all down to the material qualties of timber. However, Patricia adds a contemporary twist which stresses even more the warmth and natural qualities of parquet flooring: borders are in contrasting colours in either metal or coloured resin. This results in a collection defined by a new and dynamic approach to timber flooring, while still keeping its historical character intact. This is a chance to show off parquet flooring in all of its different personalities and all of them are bang on trend. 

In the words of Andrea Manganelli, sales manager at Listone Giordano: “Biscuit's surface is sign of strong personality… its wavy, decorative and warm background contributes to a definition of style… “. In addition to this, Biscuit can be assembled in a variety of different ways, allowing us to customize our floor to suit personal taste and aesthetics. 

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