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B&B Italia, Blitz table - design Mario Bellini

| Designbest editorial staff


ynamic, bold, sculptural, monolithic, and clearly the highlight of the home, this table was designed by the master Mario Bellini. In its extreme elegance it unites the exclusivity of small imperfections to the exotic and sustainable touch of bamboo. And in doing so it becomes a powerful, surprising and striking object.


  • What it is Blitz by B&B Italia, the sculptural table in a limited edition.
  • What makes it special Elegant, statuesque and unique, this table encapsulates the most sophisticated dictates of design and interprets them into this bold personality that exudes an absolute excitement for beauty. And indeed, it comes in a limited edition of 100 pieces.
  • How it is made Its structure is incredibly flat and slender and its geometric design is quite spectacular, taking inspiration from the form of a bridge. The whole structure is made from bamboo ennobled in a refined solid wood processing. The external parts exhibit the bamboo veining while the interior of the table has a black finish with a shellac effect. The table comes in a limited and numbered edition of 100 pieces.
  • Whose idea it is Mario Bellini, the Italian architect, designer and Italian professor who has made design his philosophy of life. A contemporary master born in 1935, an eight-time winner of the Compasso d’Oro and holder of the Architecture Medal of Honor, he is, for all intents and purposes, a designer and artist able to move between different fields with the same ability and ease. In his projects, form and function get perfectly blended and confused in a combination that always aspires to excellence.
  • We chose it because… With a few decisive traits, extraordinary elegance and an outright push towards beauty that we aspire to when we think of our home, this table is an emblem of the most exclusive elegance and is nothing less than a dream in this limited edition.






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