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Collection Blume, design Sebastian Herkner 2020, Pedrali. Ph. Andrea Garuti, courtesy Pedrali.

| Designbest editorial staff


rom a new artistic and design partnership, a collaboration launched with great enthusiasm by both the designer and the company, comes a project that combines the former’s attention to craftsmanship, quality and functionality with the latter’s handmade tradition and new productive technologies. We went to take an early look at the result of the creative affinity between these two stars of the Italian and international design scenes.


  • What it is  Blume, the new collection of seating and tables by Pedrali.
  • What makes it special  Blume means flower in German and it describes the exquisite frame that welcomes the soft and ample padding of the seats and the various tabletops. It pays meticulous care to details in order to materialize the idea of elegance and refinement that inspired the whole collection. 
  • How it is made  The Blume collection is made up of a set of tables, a chair and a lounge chair. The seating stands out for its soft and rounded forms and for its sophisticated extruded aluminum frame in a flower-shaped profile. In order to guarantee the resistance required for the frame, there is a structural element under the seats and tabletops that secures the legs and also allows for the disassembly of each component for proper end-of-life recycling—a theme that is almost a design guarantee for Pedrali. One can have fun with the table as they are square, rectangular, round, tall and short, and can be matched or stand alone with tops with various materials and colors.
  • Whose idea its  The Blume collection is a project by Sebastian Herkner, the German product designer elected "Designer of the Year" last year at Maison & Objet, the interior designer fair in Paris. Ever since his university years at HfG Offenbach University of Art and Design, Herkner has concentrated on objects and décor by refining his particular sensibility for materials, textures and colors. In 2006 he opened his design studio in Offenbach am Main near Frankfurt. Blume is his first collection with Pedrali.
  • We chose it because…  Blume is a collection that, in addition to putting functionality and respect for the environment front and center, carries an antique elegance with a gentile soul and refined look that is cared for in the smallest details. Never over-the-top and with a bit of vintage flair, it is a collection that is made to last beyond passing trends.



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