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Antonio Lupi, washbasin Borghi - design Gumdesign (Gabriele Pardi + Laura Fiaschi)

| Designbest editorial staff


xperimenting with new materials and proposing textural innovations—this is the idea of the new project that antoniolupi, trendsetter in the world of bathroom and living room furniture, has developed with Gumdesign. Borghi, the unreleased freestanding washbasin being previewed, is its perfect synthesis. Inspired by the small hamlets nestled like stones in the hills of Tuscany (from which the washbasin gets its name), it matches two antithetical materials: completely natural cork and Cristalmood, a product of state-of-the-art technology, for a result characterized by innovation and eco-sustainability.


  • What it is Borghi by antoniolupi, the new freestanding washbasin.
  • What makes it special It is a completely eco-sustainable washbasin that plays with an original contrast in materials: cork and Cristalmood. The perfect synthesis of nature and innovation, this spectacular washbasin reinterprets functionality and sustainability with an unexpected and contemporary design.
  • How it is made The base is made of recovered cork that then gets hand-finished in order to become soft to the touch, while the basin is made of Cristalmood: a material pairing that results in completely innovative aesthetics and functionality. Cork is a natural, fireproof, elastic and light element unafraid of humidity; while Cristalmood is a transparent, colorable and resistant resin (developed purposely by antoniolupi) which, beyond offering all the essential functions, is recyclable and eco-sustainable. In addition to the natural cork version, the Borghi base is also available in a toasted cork version (coffee colored), while the basin is available in three shades studied by Gumdesign to create a Tuscan atmosphere: Ceruleo, Oleo and Gran Cru.
  • Whose idea it is Gumdesign, the architecture founded by designer Laura Fiaschi and architect Gabriele Pardi. The studio handles architecture, industrial design, graphic design and art direction for companies and events. Each project is the perfect synthesis of dynamicity, transformability, versatility and irony. Laura and Gabriele’s motto is “designing and dreaming go together!”.
  • We chose it because… Innovative and completely surprising, this washbasin plays with materials and their contrasts in order to wow us. And it not only accomplishes this, because in addition to winning us over with its colors, textures and volumes, it also reveals that it is highly functional and decidedly green.



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