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B&B Italia, Borea Collection - design Piero Lissoni

| Designbest editorial staff


erodynamic: here is a word that sums up the new outdoor collection design by Piero Lissoni for B&B Italia. Let’s take an early look at a comforting collection that brings in spring with sinuous curves, soft volumes, light features and an eye towards the future with technological innovation and sustainability.


  • What it is Borea by B&B Italia, the new outdoor collection.
  • What makes it special It copies the techniques of the aeronautic sector and brings together an aerodynamic look with the technical capacity of airplanes, without forgetting one essential feature: sustainability. All of the furniture of the collection can be completely disassembled and is made with recycled and recyclable materials.
  • How it is made It is a stackable and durable collection which is completely made in aluminum. It is made up of chairs and tables created for the outdoors that can be left in the sun or under the rain. They are made with metal structures without joints and interruptions, with bending and curving processes that go back to techniques typically used in the aeronautic sector. All the materials are recycled and recyclable and can be completely disassembled for disposal and reuse.
  • Whose idea it is Piero Lissoni, the Italian designer who has made enveloping minimalism his signature. style. Speaking of this project, he said “Borea is an airplane. It is an airplane that has landed, an airplane of 2020 but with a technological soul that perhaps comes from another century. It gives you the idea of this timeless furniture that the tradition of the twentieth century has moved into the new century.”
  • We chose it because… It is a relaxed and relaxing collection that is able to translate pure innovation into a perfect instrument for our wellness. It does so with comforting aesthetics for us and totally sustainable materials for the future of the environment.



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