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Magis, Bureaurama collection - design Jerszy Seymour

| Designbest editorial staff


hink of a traditional matryoshka nesting doll that has one thing inside another. Then think of a family stools that follows the same principle. Use Bureaurama by Magis together as a group, from the smallest to the biggest one, perfect for your home office. 


  • What is it? Bureaurama by Magis is a set of nesting stools, for indoors as well as out.
  • What is special? With a product name that suggests the world of work, Bureaurama combines a simple aesthetic with a lightweight structure: in fact you can arranged these stools (with matching tables) in many different ways to suit your home office or conversation corner as well, whether it’s indoors or outside.
  • How is it made? Bureaurama is in aluminium painted in polyester, suitable for the outdoors as well. Available in various heights, Bureaurama comes with matching tables and is available in either white or black with a spray-painted seat or in a choice of different fluorescent colours (blue, yellow, orange, grey, black or black with white spots).
  • Who is it by? The German designer Jerszy Seymour relies on design to form and define the relationship people have with their environment, themselves and their minds too. With a touch of poetry, Jerszy’s work ranges from product design, installations as well as influences from the world of music and writing.
  • We have chosen it because… Bureaurama by Magis is only a family of stools, in fact it represents a striking example of modern design. Whether indoors or outside, with its clean and simple aesthetic, Bureaurama transforms any space into a versatile corner for working, reading or chatting.
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