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Pedrali, Caementum small table - design Diego Vencato e Marco Merendi

| Designbest editorial staff


culptural yet “delicate”, this new concrete coffee table presented by Pedrali has everything it takes to stay outdoors because it is resistant to atmospheric agents, does not require much maintenance and is easily cleaned. Plus, it is also a versatile piece of décor for the contract sector or domestic spaces because it mixes a brutalist look with intelligent and unpredictable practicality.


  • What it is Caementum by Pedrali, the new concrete coffee table.
  • What makes it special This outdoor coffee table translates the strength of concrete with a velvety and soft look and unexpected forms and proportions. Plus, it is made with non-polluting procedures as only water-based materials and natural powders get used.
  • How it is made Caementum is a monoblock coffee table created for the outdoors and made with concrete with meticulously selected additives that improve its technical performance. Extremely robust, resistant to atmosphere agents and stains, waterproof and easy-to-clean, the material has typical concrete pores and the surface is completely smooth. The base is hollow to make it lighter and easier to move and it has a nylon foot design to protect flooring. It is available in two sizes and three colors (light gray, dark gray and terracotta): the material is batch-dyed with natural oxides which guarantee colors remain over time.
  • Whose idea it is Marco Merendi and Diego Vencato, the Italian designers who have united their approaches in this project: architecture for Merendi and design for Vencato. Their idea came from a desire to explore concrete and mold it into a new form. The result is a functional, yet aesthetically surprising, solution which focuses on the contrast of lightness and solidity.
  • We chose it because… It has a primitive, quasi-archetypal look which highlights its functionality with a totally new expressive language. This coffee table is able to make a rigid material like concrete seem delicate with a soft touch which makes it even more versatile.



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