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Campeggi, Bed Sharing
| Designbest editorial staff

It hangs on the wall but it instantly becomes a comfortable spare bed. Colourful and functional, this casual piece designed by Campeggi is suitable for any space.


  • What is it? Bed Sharing is a single bed that hangs on the wall like a painting.


  • What is special about it?  It can be folded to save space and it's colourful. When hung, it becomes a decorative wall piece. Two or three of them will provide a „soft“ and decorative addition to the wall. Not to mention, it is also a comfortable emergency bed.


  • How is it made This mattress has a colourful fabric upholstery. It can be folded with Velcro straps and is easy to move with its functional handle system.


  • Who is it by Lorenzo Damiani, a designer with a love for his job because it makes him happy. He takes inspiration from everyday objects and his style is minimalist. His aim? To combine design and functionality for energetic pieces that avoid boredom.


  • We have chosen it because…  It comes in handy to be used as a spare bed to host friends on holidays. In fact, from now on friends and relatives have a comfortable place for a sleep...so comfortable that they will probably want to stay over the whole summer.
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