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Astep, lamp Candela 

| Designbest editorial staff


ake two top personalities: entrepreneur Alessadro Sarfatti (grandson of iconic Gino Sarfatti) and undisputed lighting designer Francisco Gomez Paz. And ask them to design a lamp. This is the outcome: a piece with matchstick and usb port, which draws from the past to go ahead.

  • What is it? Candela by Astep is a portable lamp with wick and usb port.
  • What is special about it? It’s fitted with a wick, lit with a conventional matchstick, as well as having Led technology and usb port for tablets and mobile phones. And you can take it with you wherever you want. Furthermore, the old oil lamp becomes a hi-tech gadget.
  • How is it made? Wick dipped in bioethanol (it burns without making smoke), which is in turn lit with a matchstick: the thermal energy so produced stokes a 24 led-system and can also be used to charge (thanks to a usb port) our electronic gadgets. And this is all because of thermoeletrics, principle discovered 200 years ago by Thomas Seebeck and applied to modern technology.
  • Who is it by? Argentinean designer Francisco Gomez Paz loves to experiment with new types of led technology. His ideas are just brilliant.
  • We have chosen it because… Candela has all the charm of vintage oil lamps, perfect for mood lighting. What's more, Candela is completely in tune with our times, taking us to the future. And who would have thought, you can light a matchstick with led technology.
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